Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Oh My .............Look Who's 5!!

Happy Happy Birhtday to the Girliest Girl I know!!
Today we celebrate in Style!! Everything had to be Fancy because WE love Fancy Nancy we had a little "Fancy" Karrie celebration tonight! It is hard to believe that she is 5 years old! I guess I blinked once or twice because it seems like just yesterday we were bringing home this sweet bundle of JOY! I would have never guessed that she would be such a Girly Girl but believe it or not she is ALL girl! I have to say I am in need of becoming a little MORE Girly.........SO that I might be able to "Hang" with Karrie!! I love all of the wonderful little things about her. Everything is "Fancy" for now.............I hope that I can just keep up!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mitchell's Pirate Party!!

On Saturday November 7th Mitchell had a few friends over to help celebrate his birthday!! It was a BLAST! We kicked it off with a treasure hunt.....they wondered all over our property until at last they found the buried treasure! Then we had to split up the "booty"?!? We then came inside to open gifts and have cupcakes. Then it was back outside to play and just be boys. This was by far the easiest party!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Something is missing?!?!

Yep.........You guessed it! Little Miss Tammara lost her first tooth........although it is all a BLUR to me! WHEW what a little wrestler I have on my hands! I think maybe just maybe the rest of the teeth can fall out on their own! After it was all said and done........she had the nerve to LAUGH and tell me it was no big deal! I did remind her that isn't what she had said just a FEW moments earlier! AHhhhhhh............the JOY of parenting! Oh yeah and guess what........Yep we have another loose tooth!

Happy Birthday Mitchell!!

Each year on November 1st, I take a few minutes to remember what an exciting, scary, crazy day it was.........then I look at my Little Man and feel so very blessed to have him call me mom. Mitchell such a tough little guy from the very start he fought so hard so that he could join our family. Labor and delivery since it was my first was all new and a bit scary. I had NO clue that there were any complications until finally after an hour and a half of pushing and with the assistance of the vaccum, Mitchell Bailey was placed on my tummy practically lifeless....SO SCARY. He was whisked away to the NICU and I had ablsoluetly no clue what was going on. I think that I try to push those scary memories away each year, but this year I really began to think about the courage he already had, his strength and his strong desire for life. Although he was the biggest baby in the NICU and they nick named him the "Little Giant" we like to think of him as our Little Man! So Happy Happy Birthday Mitchell Bailey! My life has been so very blessed! We celebrated his special day with family, but he will have his very own friend party on saturday!

Happy Halloween

OH THE FUN WE HAVE HAD.........................

Tammara's Costume Party

It has been a busy few weeks.....thus I have not posted a few SPECIAL bare with me and all of the NEW posts to come!

We had Tammara's Costume Party on October 30th. What a BLAST it was. We had MANY friends come to celebrate with us! We started off with a little Halloween craft, then moved on to opening gifts.....and last we had our traditional friday night PIZZA, but let's not forget about the cupcakes! turning 6 and having a wonderful Birthday costume celebration!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Tammara!

Today Tammara is 6! I can hardly believe that, it really does seem like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital. She has such a sweet and caring personality. She loves to learn, helping out with chores, helping in the Kitchen, or just snuggling. I am lucky to have such a loving kind sweet girl to call my daughter. Tammara started the day off by getting woken up to kisses and hugs and a sweet Happy Birthday by Mom & Dad. She enjoyed a wonderful Birthday breakfast of French Toast. She picked out a new outfit for school and got dressed for the day. I made cupcakes for her class and Nana had lunch with her at school. Then when she got off the bus and came in the front door she was shocked beyond belief. The dinning room was decorated and ready for a Birthday Celebration! We had Nana , Uncle Bailey, Uncle Perry, & the Missionaries for dinner. Pizza night tradition carried on 3 pizza's later! WHEW! Then it was time to open the presents...........WHAT FUN! She even let me take pictures to document this special occasion. Once presents were opened and guests were thanked ..........Tammara had to add a funny little comment......."thanks to everyone.....well except the missionaries" followed by laughter! What a silly little girl we have! Then it was Cake time..........THE cake that I had worked on in between decorating for the party, and fixing dinner......the BUTTERFLY cake! I think it turned out beautifully and I can honestly say that I would do it again! She loved it and I had FUN doing it. So this Birthday goes down as a TOTAL BLAST! for the friend party NEXT week! Keep and eye out there will be a post on this.......oh yeah and did I mention that Mitchell has a birthday the DAY after Halloween.........this is gonna be a busy few weeks! All well worth it........the smiles and joy that it brings to them!